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Estonian-born composer and record producer, Ms Madli, gained wider recognition after winning a series of producer competitions in 2015. Her list of accomplishments includes securing the first place spot in iStandard’s Producer Showcase in New York, taking top prizes at Brewery Recording Studio's Beat Battle and Tight 32 Producer Challenge in Atlanta, and claiming second place at the ASCAP Expo in LA.


Ms Madli has since become a sought-after talent, crafting music for some of the top brands such as Google, Airbnb, and Planned Parenthood. Skilled in producing songs and scoring music in a variety of genres, her work features in films, advertisements, TV promos, and hundreds of prime-time TV shows from History Channel to HBO. In 2022, Ms Madli’s outstanding work earned her nominations for both the Mark Awards in LA and the Production Music Awards in the UK.

In addition to sync placements, she also holds credits on a range of single and album productions in the US and Europe, including Yelawolf, Ryan Toby, Fred The Godson, and Anett

For the latter collaboration, Ms Madli received a Producer of the Year nomination in 2022 from the EMEA Awards in Estonia.

Ms Madli’s skillset includes composing, arranging, producing, vocal producing, recording, and mixing. Her prior work experience in pro audio sales along with classical music training have given her the knowledge and expertise necessary to thrive in these technical and creative roles.


Honing in on her knack for composing and sound design, Ms Madli has also crafted a handful of sample packs on leading platforms such as Splice,, Maschinemasters, Loopmasters, and most recently, Kingsway Music Library, curated by the renowned super-producer Frank Dukes.


When not in the studio, Ms Madli participates in writing camps, celebrity cyphers, and panels across the country, including AES and A3C. Recently, she was featured on Sway in The Morning, where she was the guest producer for the Friday Morning Cypher.

Ms Madli Producer


Latest commercial releases composed / produced by  Ms Madli. Available on all digital streaming platforms.      


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